What Is Ibogaine ?

What Is Ibogaine Used For The Most?

There is a substance called Ibogaine that originated from Africa, a naturally occurring psychoactive that is extracted from the roots of the Tabernanthe iboga plant. This is a legal drug in most countries, used to help people that are going through withdrawal symptoms, and it has produced very notable results. For those that suffer from opiate addictions, going through these withdrawals can be notably difficult, leading to vomiting, extreme pain and bodily tremors. Those that have taken Ibogaine in countries such as Canada, Mexico, and even the United Kingdom, have reported miraculous results. Here is an overview of how it works, and what drug withdrawals it is most effective in helping.

The History Of Ibogaine

Although this was originally used in African spiritual ceremonies for centuries, it was in the early 1900s that this drug was first isolated. It was sold in Europe, particularly in France during World War II, promoted as a physical and mental stimulant. Unfortunately, during the 1960s, the FDA gave it a Schedule I designation. It also was banned in the Olympics, considered to be a doping agent, and it was not until it became an illegal substance that reports started coming in about its anti-addictive properties.

How Ibogaine Can Help Addicts

In the same way that certain drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and opiates can become very addicting, ibogaine is the opposite. It is actually used today to help people that are trying to recover from drug addictions, and has been extremely successful. It has been helpful in helping those that are going through withdrawals for alcohol and opiates for quite some time, and there are many countries that provide this service to those in need. If you are willing to travel to Mexico, Canada, and various places in Europe, you can go through an ibogaine program to end your addiction to any addictive drugs and medications.

What Is Ibogaine Used For The Most?

Ibogaine is used to treat those with opiate addictions more than any other drug. It seems to have an almost instant effect. Although the treatment may last several days, many people report feeling some relief shortly after the treatment begins. It is one of the most beneficial natural substances ever marketed and used for the express purpose of helping people get through drug addiction withdrawals. At some point in time it may be legal in the United States, just as marijuana is slowly becoming, once it is fully recognized how beneficial it actually is for helping those that are addicted to drugs.

Ibogaine can be obtained by visiting other countries that have clinics that are ready and willing to help drug addicts. Those that are suffering from alcohol withdrawals, as well as certain mental disorders, can find relief from their problems using this natural product. Now that you know the answer to the question, what is ibogaine used for the most, you might consider traveling to a different country where ibogaine is legal to help you with an addiction that you may have. It will spare anyone the horrible experience of going through opiates and other withdrawals that can be so painful and is a natural product that should be recognized for its medicinal benefits.

Ibogaine Treatment Cost

What’s The Ibogaine Treatment Cost And Where Can It Be Found?

The over-consumption of alcohol has been a problem throughout the history of human civilization to the point where a certain percentage of those that have been addicted simply died from their addictions in the past. Nowdays, at least in the Western world, we make an attempt to save everyone no matter what their addiction, and alcoholism is one of the most predominant that people suffer from. In the United States alone, approximately 18 million people suffer from the affliction of alcohol dependence. There are ways to beat the addiction naturally and one of those is called ibogaine treatment. Let’s take a look at what that entails and how successful it is.

What Is Ibogaine And Where Can You Find It?

Ibogaine is a chemical that has been isolated from the bark of the roots of a shrub that grows in West Africa called Tabernanthe Iboga. It has been used in many African tribal ceremonies for several thousand years as far as scientists can tell.

It has been shown to be effective to help those that are addicted to opiates such as heroin, methadone, and morphine. And it also seems to work on methamphetamine, cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol as well.

It starts by interrupting the physical withdrawal symptoms that the drugs cause as the body is detoxifying itself and it seems to reset all of the opiate receptors in the brain. One huge advantage that it has over other addiction treatments, like suboxone and methadone, is that it doesn’t cause its own chemical dependency which would then have to be addressed as well.

Most users that have experienced ibogaine treatment seem to believe that it removes the memory of the use of their dependent drug so that they no longer crave the use of the drug at all. This goes along with the research that says the brain’s neuron chemistry gets reset which interrupts the cravings which are the major problem in nearly all kinds of addictions.

Where Can You Go For Ibogaine Treatment? What Does The Ibogaine Treatment Cost?

Unfortunately, Ibogaine is listed as a schedule 1 drug in the United States and cannot be purchased or used, even with a prescription. People that seek treatment using this herb need to do so outside of the US border. There are several clinics positioned in nearly every border town in Mexico were citizens of the United States can go and get this treatment.

The treatments last approximately a week, most are done on an inpatient basis.The Ibogaine treatment cost can be anywhere’s from $5000-$10,000 for the entire week. While that may seem to be a very steep price for a treatment that is not approved for use within the United States, there does seem to be quite a few recovered alcoholics that have completed the treatment and gone on to have alcohol free lives.

If you believe you have an alcohol problem and have tried several other types of treatment unsuccessfully, you might consider reading the online reviews for Ibogaine treatment to see if it might be the solution for you. There does seem to be quite a few positive reviews online of those that believe they were saved by this particular herb.

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Ibogaine Treatment Reviews

Ibogaine Treatment Reviews And What They Have To Say

Any treatment is nice, but only when it can work for a significant number of people. A rare case here or there is not going to be enough. This is why people look at various treatments with a grimace because they know they are overselling.

Is the ibogaine treatment able to live up to the hype that it has brought in the medical community? Is it a legitimate option or one that is overreaching what it has to offer?

Let’s see what all of the ibogaine treatment reviews have to say.


The first thing they tend to claim is that it is one of the more comfortable treatments they can go on. There are others where you are not going to enjoy the withdrawal symptoms, and that can rankle your nerves. You want to be able to breathe with ease, and it is not often possible when you are using other means to recover.

This is why people love the ibogaine treatment because it is rather soothing and does not invite a lot of pain and some of the horrible withdrawal symptoms that people are accustomed to.


Another thing they note would have to be how fast it is. The treatment is known to work in less than 90 hours, and you can see results within the first 72. It is important to have this speed because any treatment that is not efficient is one that does not have long-term potency.

The ibogaine treatment is excellent with its ability to get into the system and start to work at the chemical level for those who are dealing with addictions.

You can notice changes in your health in a few days.


Is it safe for you to take this treatment and use it on a regular basis or is it something where the risk is rather high? The risk is not high at all, and it is one of those clinically tested options that is far safer than most treatments. You will be okay with this on your side.

The safety of a treatment is something that not one is going to ignore.

With ibogaine, you can rely on its natural ingredients to help you out moving forward. It can work on the addiction in a manner that is safe and efficient.

All of the ibogaine treatment reviews have the same thing to say, and that is this is one of those treatments that works. It does not cost a lot, and you are getting real value for how much is being offered.

You are going to see noticeable results with your addiction, and it is going to feel great. You are not going to be sweating bullets as you are using this and that matters.

You are going to notice physical and mental changes with this in your system and that is what counts.

It will act as a phenomenal treatment for your body and addiction without a doubt.